Banipal 4 - Spring 1999


EDITORIAL A door here, a window there - opening up the house of Arab literature

Poems, interview and appreciations

Poem Without Exile, Who Am I?
plus excerpts from The Damascene Ring of the Dove trans. Anton Shammas
Poems: We Used to Lack a Present, Four Personal Addresses, Love Song from the Cross and Solo Performance trans. Ibrahim Muhawi
Drought trans. Khaled Mattawa
A Cloud from Sodom trans. Sargon Boulus
Interview by Hassouna Mosbahi
Appreciations by Anton Shammas, Bassam K Frangieh, David Kennedy, Stefan Weidner.

Albert Cossery – Appreciation, excerpt and interview
James Kirkup: introduction and excerpt from the novel
The latest news from al-Qahira

Shaker Nouri interviews the Egyptian novelist

Fuad Rifqa: Poems
translated by Adnan and Paula Haydar

Yusef Habshi al-Ashqar The Shadow and the Echo
Excerpt from his trilogy with appreciation by translator Adnan Haydar


Wadih Sa'adeh
Maram al-Massri
Seema Atalla
Ahmad Kattouah
Mohammad al-Harthi
Nezar Andary
Hatif Janabi
Bassem al-Meraiby
Mohammad al-Hussaini
Abdulaziz Jassim

INTERVIEW A writer at night
Libyan author Ahmed Fagih talks with Margaret Obank

Rachid Boudjedra
Hassan Daoud
Hussain al-Mozany
Laila al-Ouhaydib
Habib Selmi
Iman H. Younes

The Arabic Novel
Faisal Darraj on the problems besetting Arab novelists

The Poet and the Magazine
Samuel Shimon on Saif al-Rahbi poet and editor of Nizwa


Susannah Tarbush: Taha Husain's Education by Abdelrashid Mahmoudi
Stefan Weidner: The Arabic Literary Heritage by Roger Allen
Bassam K Frangieh: ’Aa’ed ila al-Quds [Returning to Jerusalem] by Issa J. Boullata
Samir el-Youssef: Rites of Assent two novellas by Abd al-Hakim Qasim
Margaret Obank: Bab el-Oued by Merzak Allouache
Peter Clark: The Arab writer in English by Geoffrey Nash
Margaret Obank: Bint Arab by Evelyn Shakir
Lebanon: Four Journeys to the Past by Roseanne Saad Khalaf
Susannah Tarbush: Sun on a Cloudy Day by Hanna Mina

Salford: Translation, Identity and Modernity: the Case of Arabic
Casablanca: The House of Poetry in Morocco


Fadwa Tuqan The Challenge of Translating Poetry (trans. Peter Clark)
Magician of Black Art Jörn Merket and Joachim Sartorius on cover artist Marwan

London Poetry International at the South Bank
London Banipal Poetry Evening
with poem by Sargon Boulus “Who Knows the Story”